In the context of the global trend to combat smoking it is observed the increase of the cost of tobacco excise taxes and, as a consequence, a significant increase of the cost of cigarettes. There are implemented the bans on smoking in public places, there are fewer shops selling tobacco production. And it gives its fruits - the number of smokers is actually reduced!

But, as the practice shows, heavy smokers would rather pay more than quit smoking or just switch to cheaper - and thus more harmful - cigarettes.

However, there is no need to part with your favorite brand of cigarettes or pay more.

The way out of this situation is Duty Free shops.

In our online store you can buy quality cheap duty free cigarettes of American and European manufacturers.

Why are the cigarettes in duty free shops so cheap? The reason is that they are duty-free shops. The products in duty free shops are not the subject of any taxes or duties or excise taxes. And the actual location of our online store in the offshore zone reduces the cost of cigarettes even more.

Buy high-quality cigarettes in our shop right now and get free shipping.

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